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Adam Seid Tahir
several attempts at braiding my way home

Waving - Bild tagen av Riksteatern-1.png

Shifting between labor and speculative proposals ”several attempts at braiding my way home” insists on fiction as a tool for quaking potential and finding opportunities for recovery and belonging. The performance swims with the Clymene dolphins who defy understandings of heritage. It listens to the walruses who trust their hair for navigation. ”several attempts at braiding my way home” is a collection of strategies for creating home in an afro-nordic landscape. Braiding hair, fusing bones, growing fins. It is a heatwave and a longing for home.

Initiated and performed by: Adam Seid Tahir
Created by: Adam Seid Tahir & Amina Seid Tahir
Dramaturg: Lydia Östberg Diakité
Music: Crystallmess
Hair-costume: Malcolm Marquez
Costume: Amina Seid Tahir
Light: Jonatan Winbo
Supported by Kulturrådet, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, MARC & Riksteaterns Produktionsresidens för dans 2021


Dates and time 
♦ Thursday 9/9 19.00
♦ Friday 10/9 19.00

Adam Seid Tahir (he/she/they) is an Eritrean-Swedish dancer, choreographer and web developer based in Stockholm. They have trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and Ballet Junior de Geneve in Switzerland. They have performed work by/worked with choreographers like Sharon Eyal, Hofesh Shechter, Emanuel Gat, Alexander Ekman, Thomas Hauert, Olivier Dubois, Michael Keegan Dolan, James Finnemore, Louise Mochia, Paloma Madrid, Pontus Pettersson, Frédéric Gies. Adam’s work encompasses dancing, performing, choreographing, writing, coding and creating work for physical platforms and cyberspace. They are one of the founders of the collective Body Intelligence. A collective that works interdisciplinarily with dance and technology. They also work as a Web Developer. Adam has created and exhibited/performed works throughout Europe. From big stages as Sadler’s Wells in London to film festivals as The Ecotrash Festival. They have also contributed to the writing of a book on treating autoimmune illness with food.

Amina Seid Tahir (She/Her) is a Swedish-Eritrean artist based in Stockholm who is currently doing a BA in fine arts at Konstfack. She works multidisciplinary with mediums such as video, sound, performance, installation, and music. Currently, her work focuses on collective rest and healing through sound, video, braiding, pillow making, performance for plants and separatistic resting groups for BIPOCs. Manifesting spaces where dreams can work like seeds to grow futures. She is also interested in Eritrean mythology and plant medicine, creating stories inspired by histories and myths.




Amosphère is a Paris-based composer and multidisciplinary visual artist. Through diverse mediums, by using a minimalist vocabulary and fictional concrete poetry, her work questions time, space, cosmology, human perception and psycho-physical effects through sonic meditations.

Classically trained on piano, her practice has been transformed into contemporary process : by exploring the balance between analog synthesizers and contemporary technologies, the music scores — collected datas or visual objects, are translated into sounds, installations and performances that exist both in the physical world and through virtual reality.


Dates and time 
♦ Cancelled

In 2017, she was assistant of composer/artist Tomoko Sauvage. Her solo work is represented by 33-33 Label after being invited by Laurel Halo to perform at MODE Exchange in London in 2019. In 2020, she started the duo project ATyPtek with musician/dancer/artist NSDOS, presenting a virtual 3D performance via IRCAM/Pompidou Center in Paris, virtual solo performances via Somerset House Studio in London by Mutant Promise/EBM(T) collectif from Tokyo. She performed recently at Salon de Normandy by The Community. Her debut solo album will be released on 33-33 Label.


MWF Talks

MWF Talks

Welcome to MWF Talks, an informal gathering of voices and desires, histories and bodies, to share our stories in this way is to broaden the horizon

MWF Talks 1 - two tounges two bodies (at Danscentrum Stockholm)


Invited guests: George Chamoun, Adam Seid Tahir, Jafar The Superstar, Rayo


Moderator Karina Sarkissova


This talk touches on living with two or several languages that produce several bodies, third culture art, cultural production, inclusivity, strategies and thoughts on our locality and how we navigate this space through our work culturally, artistically and curatorial. We will speak about our experience, visions and thoughts around inclusion, status quo and working within the culture field. 

Dates and time 
♦ Thursay 9/9 21.00



MWF Talks 2 - Self and collective care (at ccap)


Invited guests: Netti Nuganen, Lhaga Koondhor, xiri tara noir, April Lin 林森


Moderator: Pontus Pettersson

In this talk the groups share and discuss the recent and recurring urgencies of radical, self and collective care, post-covid art, artistic strategies of care and how to think further on these strategies, on a local and international scale.  How do we heal? What have been the ways and hows? To think beyond the self when we are so entangled. On a strategic, structural and personal level what are our stories and who else have made them for us to learn and continue striving in a world not made to do so? 

Dates and time 
♦ Saturday 11/9 16.00





pressbild chest.JPG

For this show, RiP ME will present new material consisting of songs, performed vocally and on electric bass. Lush themes of fruits, friends & flow put words to the throbbing low notes, creating filmic scenes through sensuality. Much like Miley in 2020, RiP ME has entered her rock era.

by and with: RiP ME

Dates and time 
♦ Friday 10/9 20.00


RiP ME is a restless experimentalist, hellbent on expressing herself by different means with each project. Past events has involved live patchworks of pop music, drum machine bonanzas and sunrise DJ sets of pumping euphoric trance. All about tranformatory states, queerness & weirdness, she mantains a liturgical austerity when performing.




"Gen Z Yoga"


Always wanted to save the world but feel too lazy? Are you the type to repost political Instagram posts just to make yourself look better? Then Gen Z Yoga is for you! The award-winning guided meditation videoseries for the impatient activist who wants to do good without doing anything at all! Now reintroduced as two newly written live classes. (Yes, you heard it right, LIVE!) Together with Jafar The Retired Superstar, your local Persian madarbozorg, you will meditate the shit out of status quo, dance away the patriarchy and slay  all straights in the feminist warrior pose. Performative activism has never been this relaxing before! Now that's what I call radical self-care, BOOYAH!

For your comfort, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes for this performance, seeing there are elements of participatory character. There are showers and locker rooms if needed.

By and with: Jafar The Superstar

Dates and time 
♦ Saturday 11/9 15.00
♦ Sunday 10/9 18.00

Jafar The Superstar is a world renowned actor, model, writer, pop-diva, somagh seasoning and overall icon. She does everything from kicking and twirling on stage to reading tarot and having affairs with her celebrity crushes in The Sims. Some of her most recent work include "Baba Karam – through Jamileh and Khordardian" by Konstgruppen FUL, "MEA CULPA", a comedic queer vampire musical and the upcoming sex-ed gaming stream "WooHoo with Jafar The Superstar" in collaboration with RFSU.


MWF Reads

MWF Reads


My Wild Flag is excited to present the first ever literature corner MWF Reads.


‘MWF Reads’ invites you to have a seat. Take a moment to center yourself and dive into the publications submitted by various independent artists and writers. 


There will be 6 chairs available created by Anna-Märta Danielsson from Kristallmatrixen that are used as a display for the publications.  

On the back of each zine or book is a QR code that gives the reader more information or a purchase link.


Taking a seat will be a symbol for topics that are still too often ignored or overlooked. We focus on topics such as radical self-care, body, nightlife and dance movement. 


This is a love letter to the audience we are missing.

Dates and time 

Saturday 11/9 13.00–22.00

Sunday 12/9 13.00–20.00




Still-promo pic-logo.png

Maryam Nikandish has been invited to MWF, to share their current state in their autofictional dance film project 'Still' (working title). The work is presented as an installtion.


A stop-motion dance film that takes you for a walk through the movement memories of Maryam Nikandish—regardless if she chose to embrace or distance herself from them. By kidnapping her own recollections as a young, impressionable performer she presents tableaus, emotions and scenarios through 8000 still images put in motion. A small homage—in clay, paper, plastic, smoke and mirrors—to the ones who danced before.

Dates and time 
Saturday 11/9 13.00–22.00
Sunday 12/9 13.00–20.00

Maryam Nikandish is a Swedish dancer based in Stockholm. For 15 years, she has worked in a wide array of artistic outputs within the performing arts, music and movies. From 2013-16 she performed in the show “Shaking the Habitual” by Swedish band The Knife, followed by choreographing and performing in the tour “Plunge” by Fever Ray in 2017–19. She is currently working with Stina Nyberg in the piece ”Make Hay While the Sun Shines”.



Nadia Tehran


Tehran's music draws from a number of different sources, including hip hop, punk, experimental electronic, and traditional Persian music. This melange of influences is also visible in her stage show and artwork, where traditional Persian themes, dress, and artistic techniques are combined with modern and transgressive ones.

Dates and time 
Friday 10/9 21.00

Nadia Tehran (born 11 February 1991) is a Swedish rapper and singer-songwriter of Iranian descent. Known for her aggressive, experimental and often political songwriting, she has received international acclaim for her recorded works and live performances.


The Myth: last day


In “The Myth: last day” Netti layers fabrics and recycles ideas, in an attempt to excavate the hidden threads which might alter the perception of the needlework of time.

She bends over and, squinting, looks for change — fast — magnifying glass in one hand and tape recorder in the other. Her interest in history has become significant over the years and unavoidable within her work. She digs in the ruins within a non-linear timeline, interested in transformation and the mythic ways in which history can function. A line is compressed into a dot, like a bite from a layered cream-cake, as she designs the soundscape with her voice and a harp. Fashion, screaming, growling, archeology and dance.

By and with: Netti Nüganen

Fabric prints: Ando Naulainen

Special thanks to: Laura van Bergem, Johhan Rosenberg


Dates and time 
Saturday 11/9 19.00
Sunday 12/9 17.00

“I operate within the abstract version of a scientist, within the surrealistic version of a realist, within the minimal version of a maximalist. At nights I dream of an epically minimal one-woman-show, ready to continually transform, open for interruptions from any of the millions of characters that reside within me.” 


Netti Nüganen is a performance artist and musician working between Tallinn and Amsterdam. She has been busy with theatre, music, circus and sports and has graduated from SNDO in Amsterdam. Her influences from such a variety of subjects make her treat everything that is known with careful deconstruction and everything unknown with vigilant attention. Through her stage and video works she creates characters like weightlifter, teenage vlogger, detective, historian and cowboy. Building narratives while deconstructing them is her method of finding alternative ways of understanding the gaps between recognisable signs, references and language.





Rayo [all pronouns] is a producer and dj based in Stockholm. They have had the privilege to dj at numerous venues and festivals through out the years. Rayo wants to provide the audience a mind-bending sound experience by mixing elements from different genres to harmonize with each other and become one, the main goal is to introduce a new way of perceiving music. Rayos selections are within a wide range of different styles of dance music.

Dates and time 

♦ Thursday 9/9 21.00


The Ann Lee Syndrome


Ruby Nilsson has been invited to MWF in respect of being both an artist and a writer, where as she submitted the text 'The Ann Le Syndrome'. Her text will be feautured in MWF read.

The Ann Lee Syndrome—a pamphlet by an angry little lost T-girl

This is not a text on choreography, unless choreography is considered in a broader sense as “the writing of movement”. In that case this text tries to write the movement of art as a poetic sexualisation of the yet not sensible, i.e. that which is not yet acceptable.

Text: Ruby Nilsson

Graphic design: Sara Kaaman

Proofreading: Alex Fisher


Dates and time 

Saturday 11/9 13.00–22.00

Sunday 12/9 13.00–20.00

Ruby (SE) has been working with text and performance since 2017, mainly as a playwright and dramaturge. She is part of the artistic collaboration Sticky Drama for which she has written "Bastard of Allegory"(2019) and "End of Books"(2020) but has also worked in other settings within the fields of visual and performing arts. Her work is often concerned with the notion of "subjectivity", i.e. what constitutes "a self", "a voice" or if you like, "a body". One of her latest works, "gravity and graves", is shown at Inkonst (Malmö) in late August.  




(bb) is: the need for each other; an encouragement for each other; unclear boundaries between bromance and romance; a brotherhood/sisterhood manifesting between sound and dance; the other’s babe or baby; the rhythm that one does not understand, only feels. The collaboration between the dancer and director Tiran and the musician Nkisi was inspired by the idea of “backup”:


In (bb) it is about stepping back and highlight everything that is not center stage, in order to give space instead to the supporting structures in the theater. The performance explores the dialogue between sound and dance, penetrating and transforming each other and constantly evolving in forms and textures.


By and with Nkisi & Tiran
Co-production Sophiansaele/DE and Vooruit/BE

Dates and time 
♦ Saturday 11/9 21.00
♦ Sunday 12/9 19.00

Tiran is a artist and dancer. His performance based practise explores the body and its architectural environment. Using physical depth, language, rhythms and sounds he creates images that deal with controversial issues, creating experiences that invite more listening and attention. He has worked and collaborated with Eszter Salamon, Jerome bel, Trajal Harrell, Meg Stuart, Ligia Lewis, Andros Zins-Browne, Alex Bachzinsky Jenkins, Price and with Cullberg ballet under Deborah Hay and Jeftha Van Dinther.


Nkisi produces intense, powerful sonics influenced by Ancient Kongo rhythms, rhythmic noise, and experimental improvisation. The creative musician and visual artist is one of the co-founders of NON Worldwide, a collective of experimental artists from Africa and across the African diaspora. She recently launched her label INITIATION and research platform The Secret Institute, exploring the secrets and mysteries of vibrational rhythm and strategies of Trance. Nkisi works and lives in London and Berlin.


YOUR WORTH IS NOT MEASURED BY YOUR PRODUCTIVITY — a Workshop on Pleasure, Radical Self and Community Care for Dancers, Dance Makers and Artists Working Within The Expanded Field Of Choreography  


In a society that glorifies productivity, taking care of ourselves as artists is a radical action. This workshop is a space for us as dancers, dance makers and choreographers to take the time to determine for ourselves who we want to be, rather than who the cultural institutions want us to  be.  

Together we will critically re-think the ways in which we work and confront our own prejudices surrounding what it means to be ‘a good artist’. We will work with how we through practicing from a place of rest, imperfection and pleasure, can create our own self-care strategies and to set up healthy boundaries.  

The workshop draws on BDSM consent practices and intersectional feminist studies with an emphasis on embodied collective sharing processes. To attend this workshop you must be ready to break with tabus around shaming, competition and overproduction as value systems.   

The workshop is inclusive and open to all genders and bodies, but encourages individuals who identify as person of colour, queer femme and/or female* to participate. Come as you are, no experience required.

Thx to Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Dixon Dahlia Li, Shakira and Beyoncé (my cat daughters) for their love and  support in the creation of this workshop.

The Workshop is not open to the public

xiri tara noir is a non-binary interdisciplinary artist and organizer working within the expanded field of performance art, community activism and choreography. With roots in the radical queer community, s.he is actively exploring pleasure, radical care and anti-perfectionism as forms of resistance. S.he facilitates choreographic research labs and lectures for intersectional groups of artists, activists and other citizens, able-bodied as well as different-abled-bodied. S.he has been working in various collaborations with womxn on the edge of society, among other as a trainer of feminist self defense. 


In their choreographic practice s.he examines the edges that separates academic research from our everyday gestures and practices. Within a variation and exchange of social roles, their work explores the boundaries and hierarchies between ‘artist’ and ‘audience’, and between what it means to be observing or participating in an event.

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